When you first got married, you and your spouse might have been hopeful you would spend the rest of your lives together. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and couples slowly start to grow apart. There can be a number of challenges newly married couples face over the years, from career changes, moves, and planning a family. Eventually, these and other things can take a toll on your marriage.

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Long before you find yourself consulting with a Las Vegas divorce lawyer, there are several early warning indications and signs your marriage could be heading toward a divorce. If you are able to recognize these soon enough, it may be possible to save your marriage through counseling.

    • You fantasize about a life without your spouse.
    • You are spending less time together.
    • You make excuses not to go home.
    • You find fault in everything your spouse does.
    • You cannot find anything in common.
    • You are not included in important decisions.
    • You notice your spouse’s appearance changes.
    • You argue over the small things and never address the big issues.
    • You make excuses for your behavior.
    • You feel like your spouse is more like a roommate.
    • You are no longer in love with your spouse.
    • You act like you are distracted when your spouse wants to talk about problems/issues.
    • Intimacy between you and your spouse is infrequent or has completely stopped.
    • You spend more times with your friends than your spouse.
    • You feel like you are trapped and blame your spouse.
    • You ignored questionable feelings you had about your spouse before you got married.
    • You or your spouse make important decisions for your children without the other’s input.
    • You use your children to communicate with your spouse.
    • You no longer trust your spouse.
    • Your spouse has gotten verbally or physically abusive.
    • You or your spouse is having an affair.


Keep in mind, the above warning signs could apply either directly to you or your spouse. When there is a breakdown in communications, and problems and issues go unresolved, it further creates feelings of resentment, anger, and hurt.

Ideally, if you start noticing or feeling any of these warning signs, you will want to take steps to discuss them with your spouse to determine whether you and your spouse are willing to work through them and save the marriage. Otherwise, if both you and/or your spouse feel the problems have gone on too long and the marriage is not salvageable, then it is time to get a divorce.

In cases where both parties can be amicable toward each other, it could be possible to draw up a mutually acceptable separation and divorce agreement with assistance from your divorce and family lawyers in Las Vegas for an uncontested divorce resolution. For further information and assistance in filing for divorce, child custody, child support, and other family law matters, please contact the law professionals at McFarling Law Group at 702 766 6671 today to schedule a consultation appointment.