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Spousal support, or as it is more commonly known, alimony, is a top concern for many of our potential clients that are considering divorce. As an expert family law practice, we are an important resource for families in need of an alimony attorney. Although there is no magic formula for determining alimony, the statute provides guidelines to the court in making spousal support determinations.

An experienced alimony attorney can relieve the stress of coping with a complex and often confusing system. For purposes of discussion, we will refer to amounts awarded during the case as spousal support and any post-divorce continuing payment as alimony.

When determining an appropriate spousal support award during the case, the court can make financial orders to support the other party, support the children, or pay the other party’s attorney’s fees. These all fall under the court’s power to make financial orders while a case is going on. 

The court can make alimony orders that take over after the case is concluded. This is what people typically think of when talking about alimony. The main concern with alimony is: 1) how much?; and 2) how long?

The court determines how much and how long by looking at several statutory factors. Some of these factors are the length of the marriage, education attained during the marriage, standard of living during the marriage, and disparity in incomes. There are several other factors the court also looks to. 

Alimony is discretionary, meaning it is up to the judge to look at the parties, apply the statutory factors; and if the judge determines alimony is appropriate, set an amount and duration. This can lead to drastic differences in alimony awards from judge to judge. 

Because alimony is discretionary, it is important to have an attorney who knows your judge’s tendencies on alimony. If you have want alimony, it is valuable to have an attorney who knows your judge is not alimony heavy. It is possible to get a new judge if the timing is right. Likewise, if you are trying to avoid paying alimony, it is helpful to know where your judge stands. 

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