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For a multitude of reasons, individuals opt for a legal name change, whether due to divorce, adoption, or the desire to revert to a birth name. Irrespective of the reason, initiating a legal name change mandates filing a court petition, a process efficiently facilitated by the Las Vegas name change law firm – McFarling Law Group. Whether the name change pertains to adults or minor children, McFarling Law Group stands ready to streamline the procedure of filing a court petition and ensuring the proper publication of your name change. With a wealth of expertise in the name change legal process, our dedicated team offers comprehensive support, guiding you through every step of the name change journey. From name change documents and forms to expert name change consultation, our services encompass the full spectrum of requirements. Make your name change journey a smooth and hassle-free experience with McFarling Law Group.


Nevada first and/or last name change process

The legal process for changing your name in Nevada requires some additional steps besides submitting paperwork to the court for a judge’s approval. To pursue a legal name change in the State of Nevada persons must:

  • File a petition with the court
  • Publish their prospective name change in the local newspaper
  • Obtain a certified court order

You must include specific personal details in your petition to the court, as requested. For example, the law does not prevent anyone convicted of a felony from changing their name, but they must include this information in their request.

A name change in Las Vegas takes about 60 days from the date of filing. Once you receive a certified order for a name change from the court, you can present the order to Social Security or the DMV to update your records.

You might encounter complications during the process of changing your name, despite the relatively straightforward legal process. Ensuring that your documentation is correct from the start makes getting through the process that much more straightforward. A Las Vegas name change lawyer from McFarling Law Group can help you obtain a name change quickly and affordably.

Our qualified, experienced attorneys can help guide you through the process, making it painless and efficient. We also help our clients obtain new identification documents in all forms, including:

  • Amended birth certificate
  • Driver’s license (individual and commercial)
  • Social Security card
  • Passport
  • Professional credentials

Our Las Vegas child name change attorneys also work with parents to assist with name changes for their minor children (persons under age 18). A minor requesting a name change needs both parents to petition the court jointly. If any disagreement exists between the parents, a judge must personally review the case.

Having an experienced Las Vegas name change attorney can be essential to getting your petition approved and obtaining a certified court order for your child’s name change. McFarling Law Group can assist with all aspects of adult and child name changes Las Vegas residents need.


    Here are several frequently asked questions we hear from our clients regarding obtaining a legal name change.

    What is the cost to change your name?

    A legal name change is not expensive in the State of Nevada. The costs include:

    • Attorney fees – contact us to discuss our fee
    • Court costs – filing fees in Clark County Court are $270
    • Publication fees – state law in Nevada stipulates that all petitioners must publish their name change in a local newspaper for three weeks. Fees will vary.
    • Identification documentation changes – costs will vary depending on the number of documents that require changing. See the list above for some examples.

    How much time is required to change your name?

    Name changes for Nevada adults typically do not require a hearing and can be completed in two months or less. After submitting a petition to the court, applicants have a three-week waiting period while publishing their name change petition in a local paper with general circulation.

    The publication step is required to allow anyone objecting to your name change to respond to the court. Otherwise, you could obtain approval for your name change in as little as ten days after submitting proof of publication.

    For minors, however, the process is typically more involved and requires more time. After filing the paperwork and completing the three-week publication period, you must wait an additional ten days to apply for a hearing date. Your scheduled hearing date will depend on the court’s docket schedule.

    The complexities of name changes for minors is another excellent reason for hiring a Las Vegas child name change attorney who can help keep your child’s name change petition on track.

    How do you change your name on your passport?

    Changing your name on your passport is a simple, straightforward process. If you have had your existing passport for a minimum of 12 months, just apply by mail for a new one with your new name. Submit your application for passport renewal and include a certified copy of the court order indicating your name change.

    How do you change your name on your Social Security ID card?

    Changing your name on your Social Security card will be one of the first things you do after obtaining your certified court order for a name change. Visit a local Social Security office and file an SS-5 application for a new Social Security card. Ensure you bring a copy of your certified court order for the name change, as well as some current identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. Within ten days, you should receive a new Social Security card in the mail with your new name.

    How do you change your name on your birth certificate?

    The process of changing your name as it appears on your birth certificate can be a bit more complicated. Persons born in the State of Nevada can contact the Nevada Office of Vital Statistics and fill out a form requesting an amended birth certificate. Vital Statistics charges $40 for an amended birth certificate.

    Persons born outside of Nevada will need to contact the Office of Vital Statistics in the state where you were born to request information about obtaining an amended birth certificate.

    What things should I do after a name change?

    Step one is obtaining multiple certified copies of the court order for your name change. Each entity you contact (DMV, Vital Statistics, US Department of State) will require a certified copy of the court order, so make sure you have sufficient copies.

    Next, get the additional documentation updates you will need, which include:

    • Social Security card
    • Driver’s license
    • Passport
    • Birth certificate
    • Bank accounts
    • School records
    • Other vital records

    Do I need a lawyer to change my name?

    The State of Nevada does not require an attorney to file paperwork for a standard adult name change. Still, an experienced Las Vegas name change attorney will ensure that the forms are correct, and the paperwork is accurately filed according to established court procedures. Retaining a name change lawyer to ensure your documents are in order and filed correctly provides peace of mind knowing you have a legal professional there to help.

    However, if filing for a name change on behalf of a minor, it becomes necessary to hire a lawyer. If one parent contests the petition, an attorney helps ensure your legal rights are protected. A Vegas name change lawyer will also provide suitable representation for you during court appearances.

    What are some frequent name change mistakes?

    Several reasonably common name change mistakes include:

    • Misspelling on the name change petition
    • Entering an incorrect Social Security number on the form
    • Not signing or notarizing the form.

    A misspelling might result in a petition denial. Mistakes can also happen after filing the petition, too. Failing to publish your name change in a general-circulation newspaper could result in a denial of your name change petition. Missing a scheduled court appearance is also grounds for denying your name change petition.

    Retaining a lawyer for filing your paperwork helps ensure you avoid these costly and time-consuming mistakes.

    Am I allowed to change my name more than once?

    The State of Nevada places no limit on how many times you can change your name. However, a judge at the hearing might question multiple name changes for minors. The judge can approve or deny name change petitions and might consider it an issue when a petitioner files excessive name change requests.

    Work with an experienced Las Vegas name change law firm

    Contact a Las Vegas name change attorney at McFarling Law Group today at 702-766-6671 to schedule an appointment. Whether you are seeking a name change for an adult or a minor, our team of experienced, compassionate name change lawyers will ensure that your paperwork is correct, your filing submitted correctly to the court, and that you appear in court as scheduled.

    Our compassionate, experienced team of name change attorneys understands that a name change can have an emotional dimension, too, especially when minor children are involved, and the parents are not both in alignment with the name change. In addition to ensuring your filing is correct, a skilled name change attorney can help protect your rights in court.

    Call the Las Vegas name change law firm of McFarling Law Group today at 702-766-6671 to schedule an appointment. We will ensure your petition for a name change is accurate and correctly submitted to the court. We are also there to represent you for contested minor name changes.

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