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People need legal name changes for many reasons. Sometimes a woman gets divorced and during the proceedings chooses to keep her married name and then later changes her mind. Another common reason is sometimes people use a name their entire life and then find out it is not the name on their birth certificate. Regardless of whether you need to change one letter in your name or your entire first and last name, the process is the same: you must file a Petition for Name Change with the court.

The legal name change process is not as simple as filling out a form and submitting it to the Court for the Judge to sign. It requires you to file a Petition with the court, publish in a newspaper, and then get a certified order.

The legal name change has certain criteria that must be in the petition. If you have been convicted of a felony you are not prohibited from changing your name but you must include the information in the petition for legal name change.

The legal name change process takes approximately 60 days start to finish. After you get your Certified Order for Name Change you can then take that order to the DMV, Social Security office, or anywhere else you need to update your records.

A legal name change does not require a consultation with an attorney as the matter is transactional. If you would like to retain our office to handle your legal name change, the fee is $1,000 which includes all filing and publication fees. Below is a fee agreement, intake form, and credit card form that you need to fill out and email or fax it into our office. The forms can be emailed to or faxed to 702.732.9385.

If you need to do a legal name change for a minor, please call our office at 702.565.4335 as there is additional information required.

Adult Legal Name Change Intake Form

Legal Name Change Fee Agreement

Legal Name Change Credit Card Form

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