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Adoption can be a very complex issue that, aside from the joy and happiness that comes with it, also has a legal element that cannot be ignored. It is important that all the legal requirements are handled in accordance with Nevada law.

The Unique Challenges of Adopting Non-Blood Related Children

Adopting non-blood related children presents significantly more hurdles than the adoption of an existing relative or a stepchild. Adoption agencies, in cooperation with attorneys, work with parties adopting non-relatives to ensure the proper procedures are followed. These adoptions usually require home evaluations and can take several months or more to complete.

Adopting blood relatives or stepchildren is a much easier and faster process, provided the biological parent consents to the adoption. Without consent from the biological parent, you must first have the parental rights of that parent terminated. This is a completely separate legal process.

Professional Adoption Attorneys at Your Side

The child custody expert at McFarling Law Group handle consent-based adoptions of blood relatives or stepchildren. We recommend other types of adoptions to be coordinated through an agency.

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