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People choosing adoption to create, enhance, or combine their families seek out the Las Vegas adoption law firm of McFarling Law Group for representation. Our skilled adoption attorneys represent you throughout the proceedings for stepparents, close family, or agency adoptions and ensure that your adoption process goes smoothly and complies with Nevada state law.

Nevada state adoption process

Adopting a child who has resided in the State of Nevada for the past six months requires a court order obtained through the Nevada courts. The prospective adoptive parent must be at least ten years older than the person they are adopting. The court can make exceptions for stepparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or first cousins.

Adopting a child over 14 requires the child’s consent. Married people may not adopt their child without the consent of their spouse. The exceptions are when the spouse cannot be found or is lacking the capacity for consent.

Adoption by one spouse does not automatically result in the other spouse adopting a child. The other spouse must also consent to adopt the child, and their name must appear in the adoption decree. Adoptions can only occur if both living parents agree to the adoption, or with the consent of the child’s court-appointed guardian.

If a parent has been judged insane for two years or the insanity deemed incurable, their consent is not required. However, their parental rights must terminate before the adoption of their children can proceed.

The person adopting a child has legal custody in the lead-up to the petition hearing if the parent consents to the adoption. The adoption of multiple siblings can occur under the same petition. Mothers must wait for a minimum of 72 hours after their child’s birth before consenting to an adoption. Written consent cannot be revoked or annulled.

    Adoptions for stepparents and family members

    People and their spouses who fall within three degrees of ancestral relation with a child they want to adopt may have the home study requirement preceding an adoption waived by the court. A waiver from the court makes the adoption process less complicated.

    Adoptions involving agencies and non-family members

    People using an adoption agency when adopting their children, or prospective adoptive parents who are not related to the child, are usually required by the court to have a home study completed before the court grants an adoption.

    The Las Vegas adoption attorneys at McFarling Law Group work with families who want to adopt and match them up with families who are expecting and are seeking a stable home for their child. Our clients include married couples, single women and men, and same-sex couples.

    Experienced Vegas adoption attorneys

    McFarling Law Group can also assist biological parents in creating adoption plans for their children that reflect the parents’ wishes for a loving and secure future. We are a cost-effective Las Vegas adoption law firm. We believe your adoption attorney should be affordable so you can concentrate your financial resources on adopting your child.

    We help biological parents formulate caring and safe plans for their children. Because we pride ourselves in being affordable Las Vegas adoption attorneys, your focus can remain on the adoption and not the accompanying legal process.

    McFarling Law Group’s combined experience covers every type of adoption case:

    • Private domestic adoptions (infants and older children)
    • Adoptions and finalizations with an agency
    • International adoptions and finalizations
    • Adoptions from foster care
    • Stepparent adoptions
    • Adult adoptions

    Identifying your adoption objectives

    Adoption begins when you define your objectives. Do you intend to adopt an older child or a child from birth? Are you already acquainted with the child you wish to adopt, or would you like assistance finding resources to help you seek the child you want to adopt? Are you open to international adoption or adopting a child out of foster care?

    Taking the time to identify your adoption goals upfront empowers you to understand your options and the necessary process you must follow to seek your adoption.

    Las Vegas open adoption attorneys

    The adoption attorneys at McFarling Law Group can help you pursue an open adoption, allowing a biological parent to have contact with a child, and helping their child access information about their personal history. Open adoptions are most commonly used in private, domestic adoptions.

    Las Vegas closed adoption attorneys

    McFarling Law Group’s closed adoption attorneys help you complete the adoption process quickly and efficiently. Closed adoption may be the right choice for international adoptions or in cases of abuse and neglect. Closed adoptions seal the adoption records and retain the identity of the biological parents in confidence.

    Las Vegas step-parent and grandparent adoptions

    Step-parents and grandparents in Nevada frequently adopt children related by blood or marriage. When pursuing a step-parent or grandparent adoption, you might have the option to streamline the process and potentially waive a home study. McFarling Law Group can help you understand the necessary steps for adopting relatives by blood or marriage.

    Available adoption subsidies

    Prospective adoptive parents might be eligible to receive subsidies to help defer the cost of raising your adoptive child. Nevada provides financial assistance to some qualifying adoptive parents. Children with barriers to adoption due to their age, siblings, or any special needs may qualify for monthly subsidies until they reach maturity. The state may also assist with the upfront costs of processing the adoption.

    Professional adoption attorneys when you need us

    The McFarling Law Group has assisted prospective adoptive parents with all types of adoption proceedings since 2003. Our compassionate, empathetic Las Vegas adoption lawyers will take the time to learn your adoption objectives and then work diligently to help meet those objectives.

    If you have unique, mitigating circumstances in your personal background or life situation, we can help you address those in your adoption application.

    Please contact our office If you have questions or to schedule a confidential, free consultation with one of our Las Vegas adoption attorneys. Call 702-766-6671 to schedule an appointment today. We are here to address all of your Nevada adoption needs.

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