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Appeals are a review by a higher court of a lower court to determine if the lower court made a legal mistake. An appeal is not a new trial or a chance to introduce new evidence. The court will review the evidence, documents, audio recordings, and appeal briefs from the hearing in the lower court to make a decision whether a mistake was made or evidence was withheld.

Family Court Appeals may involve appealing the Court’s decision on:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Division of assets in divorce
  • Injunctions

In 2015 Nevada introduced an Appellate Court. Prior to that all appeals went to the Nevada Supreme Court. This made many family law appeals not worthwhile because they typically took 2-3 years. Now, the hope is the turnaround time will be less than one year.

A family law appeal requires an experienced family law attorney. Many attorneys do not do appeals. Emily McFarling is one of the leading family law appeals attorneys in the State of Nevada. Emily has four published Nevada Supreme Court opinions:

  • Ogawa v. Ogawa, 125 Nev. 660 (2009)
  • Druckman v. Ruscitti, 327 P.3d 511 (2014)
  • Davis v. Ewalefo, 352 P.3d 1139 (2015)
  • Bluestein v. Bluestein, 345 P.3d 1044 (2015)

Emily also has prevailed on several unpublished appeals to the Nevada Supreme Court and the Appellate Court.

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