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People choosing adoption to create, enhance, or combine their families seek out the Las Vegas adoption law firm of McFarling Law Group for representation. Our skilled adult adoption attorneys represent you throughout the proceedings for stepparents, close family and ensure that your adoption process goes smoothly and complies with Nevada state law. 

Clark County, Nevada adult adoption process 

Adopting an adult in Clark County, Nevada requires that the prospective adoptive parent must be older than the person being adopted. One of the adults must live in Clark County, Nevada and if either of the adults is married, their spouses must sign and notarize a consent of adoption. Married people may not adopt an adult without the consent of their spouse. The exceptions are when the spouse cannot be found or lacks the capacity for consent. If a parent has been deemed insane for two years or the insanity deemed incurable, their consent is not required. 

Both the prospective adoptive parent and adult adoptee must sign a Petition for Adult Adoption and appear before the judge. With adult adoptions, the biological parents do not have to consent, but the judge may require them, or anyone else, to be notified of the hearing date. 

If the court is satisfied that the adoption will be in the best interest of the parties and in the public interest, the court can approve the adoption and enter a Decree of Adoption declaring that the adoptee is the child of the person adopting. 

    Adult adoptions involving name changes 

    The adult adoptee may ask for a name change during this process. An adult adoptee seeking to also change their name at the time of adoption must request a hearing that is at least 30 days away so that the proper name changes steps can be completed prior to the hearing. The adoptee must file a Notice of Petition for Change of Name and have it published in a newspaper one time before the court date. Once this publication is completed, the adoptee must file the Affidavit of Publication that proves to the Court that the publication was completed. If this step is not done, the judge will not be able to approve the name change. 

    Experienced Vegas adult adoption attorneys 

    McFarling Law Group can also assist biological parents in creating adoption plans for their adult children that reflect the parents’ wishes for a loving and secure future. We are a cost-effective Las Vegas adult adoption law firm and believe that your adoption attorney should be affordable. Because we pride ourselves in being affordable Las Vegas adult adoption attorneys, your focus can remain on the adoption and not the accompanying legal process. 

    McFarling Law Group’s combined experience covers every type of adoption case:

    • Private domestic adoptions (infants and older children)
    • Adoptions and finalizations with an agency
    • International adoptions and finalizations
    • Adoptions from foster care
    • Stepparent adoptions
    • Adult adoptions

    Professional adoption attorneys when you need us

    The McFarling Law Group has assisted prospective adoptive parents with all types of adoption proceedings since 2003. Our compassionate, empathetic Las Vegas adoption lawyers will take the time to learn your adoption objectives and then work diligently to help meet those objectives.

    If you have unique, mitigating circumstances in your personal background or life situation, we can help you address those in your adoption application.

    Please contact our office If you have questions or to schedule a confidential, free consultation with one of our Las Vegas adoption attorneys. Call 702-766-6671 to schedule an appointment today. We are here to address all of your Nevada adoption needs.

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