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McFarling Law Group routinely represents parties in cases to establish paternity. Whether you are the party to a simply paternity and child support case or a case with child custody at issue, McFarling Law Group can help.

Child custody disputes comprise the majority of family law matters. Child Custody can be a very contentious issue and often times the child is put in the middle of a dispute that is between the parents. A child custody dispute requires an experienced, aggressive child custody attorney that is capable of going into court and fighting for your custodial rights. An experienced child custody attorney understands Nevada law and also knows the tendencies of the various family court Judges in Las Vegas. Each Judge weighs each custody factor differently.

The Legal Standard

In determining paternity in most cases, the parties will agree that the father is the only possible father. In cases where it is challenged or unsure, a paternity test can be ordered or simply done informally.

In an initial paternity proceeding, if Nevada also has jurisdiction over child custody, either parent may include child custody requests for both physical and legal custody. The court must include an order for child support as well.

Reaching an Agreement

At any time, Parties can agree to a decree of paternity, and can include child support, child custody and visitation orders. This should be done through a decree of paternity. If you need help negotiating an agreement or have reached an agreement and simply need to make sure the paperwork is done properly, McFarling Law Group can help.

Experienced Attorneys at Your Side

At McFarling Law Group, our lawyers are experienced in all family law matters, including child custody. If you would like to schedule a consultation with an experienced child custody lawyer in Las Vegas, NV area, call our office at 702.565.4335.

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