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At McFarling Law Group our goal is to work with the client as a partnership to ensure successful representation. Part of the firm’s responsibility is providing the client with as many resources as possible. We understand that most clients do not have courtroom or litigation experience therefore our job is to provide the client with the information they will need to comply with court rules, act appropriately in the courtroom, and do the necessary things required of them to win their case.

The client’s responsibility is to take advantage of the information provided, follow their attorney’s advice; and if they do not understand something or are unsure, to ask questions.


Court Forms

Financial Disclosure Form

Detailed Financial Disclosure Form



Sample Hourly Fee Agreement

How a Retainer Works

Basics of Billing



Intake Forms



Minor Guardianship

International Parental Abduction – parent with child

International Parental Abduction – left behind parent

Initial Child Custody/Paternity

Initial Divorce with Kids

Initial Divorce without Kids

Name Change – Minor

Name Change – Adult

Post Decree With Kids

Post Decree Without Kids

Premarital Agreement

Termination of Parental Rights

Uncontested Divorce with Kids

Uncontested Divorce Without Kids

Adult Guardianship

Parenting Coordination



Financial Analysis



Intake Forms in Spanish

Initial Divorce with Kids

Post Decree with Kids


Information Sheets

Divorce process

Post-Decree motion process

NRCP 16.2 disclosure requirements in Divorce with Kids

NRCP 16.2 disclosure requirements in Divorce without Kids

NRCP 16.2 disclosure requirements in non-divorce Custody Case

COPE providers

Uncontested Divorce Road Map

Uncontested Custody Road Map

Uncontested Annulment Road Map

Uncontested Guardianship Road Map

Uncontested Name Change Road Map

How to Act at an argument hearing

Information on testifying for clients and witnesses

Communication with Our Office

Courtroom Map

Directions to Family Courtrooms

Divorce Do’s and Don’t’s

Department Default Holiday Schedules

Let’s Work Together