Social media has greatly changed the way we communicate and keep in touch. Like any form of communication, social media has its benefits and disadvantages. One drawback Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have is their impact on our relationships.

Recent polls have found that social media has a negative impact on many relationships, with 25 percent of couples saying they fight about social media once a week. Trust seems to be a big issue, as social media can often facilitate affairs. Even innocent use of social media can contribute to mistrust, and some romantic partners feel neglected because of their other half’s overuse of social media.

Lawyers are increasingly using social media messages and postings as evidence in divorce hearings. Partners in marriages or committed relationships can avoid letting social media ruin their relationships by communicating with their partners about social media use and proper boundaries. A little consideration for your partner’s feelings when posting online or communicating with others can go a long way toward fostering a healthy relationship.

Check out this infographic from McFarling Law Group about how social media can exert a negative impact on your marriage and what you can do to keep Facebook from wrecking your life.

Social Media Shaping the Marriage & Divorce Landscape

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