Deciding that your marriage is over is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever face. Many couples who need to put an end to their relationship hesitate to do so, fearful of the future and unsure whether the relationship might still be saved.

Divorce attorneys have watched thousands of these situations unfold and have identified some tell-tale signs that a marriage is most certainly over, whether the spouses involved realize it or not. Here are some common signs that it’s time to move on:

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  • When conflict resolution does not exist – Lack of conflict resolution sinks many marriages. Some couples never develop a way to discuss and handle inevitable conflicts that arise without escalation into even larger fights that damage the relationship. This often causes one or both parties to give up on trying to communicate about differences. These differences are often suppressed until they boil over into explosive arguments. This situation also causes couples to drift and withdraw from one another.
  • Disaffection – The withering of usual signs of affection among married partners is often a sign that the dissolution of the relationship is inevitable. When couples fall out of love, the usual intimacies exchanged in a healthy relationship fade. It’s not just a lack of sex, but also the gradual diminishing of affection and intimacy that spells doom for a marriage.
  • Physical abuse – Physical abuse is a clear sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship and need to get out. A loving spouse will not physically abuse his or her significant other. It’s a clear lack of respect and basic human decency that should never be tolerated. If you’re being physically abused in a marriage, the time to get out is now. Period.
  • Cheating – Cheating is a huge betrayal of trust and a sign that a marriage may be irreparably damaged. When married partners cheat, it’s not only an act of betrayal, it’s also often a sign that communication and intimacy have broken down in the marriage.

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    • Financial cheating – Making big transactions, creating secret accounts, and other less-than-honest financial moves are often signs that it’s time to get out of a marriage. While spouses shouldn’t have to justify every candy bar they buy to their spouse, making big financial decisions independently or hiding financial information is a huge red flag.
    • When your partner has prepared for single life – If your partner is building his or her own social network outside the marriage and preparing financially for the split by establishing a new home, he or she already has more than one foot out of the door. This is often a clear sign that the marriage is done.


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