There are some amazing things about living in Las Vegas.  Around the strip it’s a 24/7 city, and elsewhere it vaguely resembles a normal town.  If you want to eat a spectacular meal, see a spectacular show, or have a spur-of-the-moment wedding, your choices are endless.

Wait, spur-of-the-moment wedding?  Yup. Having a great time with your beloved?  Alcohol, adrenaline & attraction are pumping through your veins?  In a normal city you aren’t going to act on those feelings in the middle of the night.  Las Vegas is not a normal city, though.

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world, hosting over 100,000 weddings annually.  & many of those are impromptu omg ELVIS, or I can get married in a drive-through (!?!) weddings.

It takes 10 minutes to get a wedding license in Las Vegas.  The Marriage License Bureau is open from 8 a.m. to midnight, 365 days a year.  The whole city is set up to make you accidentally get married in the middle of the night.

You accidentally married a stranger?  Cool, get an annulment (McFarling Law Group does annulments).

You accidentally married your long-term significant other without properly financially planning and entering into a premarital agreement to protect your assets & engage in premarital awesomeness?  But you don’t want to get an annulment because they would be super saucy about that? 

You accidentally/on purpose married Alec Baldwin’s niece in Manhattan city hall against the advice of all your financial advisors who insisted you should get a premarital agreement before getting married because you’re worth $265 million and your new wife is only worth $3 million?  #JAILEY.

The solution is a postmarital agreement.  It’s just like a premarital agreement, except without being able to negotiate alimony.  It still affords you the rest of the great benefits of a premarital agreement, including the ability to plan out your financial futures in a way that would minimize the cost of any future divorce and provide financial certainty going forward.

As you are married now, you have a duty toward your spouse wherein you need to fully disclose everything related to this contract, and the Court will later reject it if it’s determined to be “unconscionable” or signed under duress.  

And since you are already married, the other party cannot use the leverage of not marrying you to get you to reach an agreement limiting your rights.  As such, a postnup can help out both parties equally. Figuring out the financial future while still frolicking and functioning in the friendly fulfillment of fresh frivolities.  Fabulous!

Both parties should always consult with an attorney in these situations so they are aware of what their rights are with and without an agreement and fully informing them of their rights.

Often times new property issues come up that a contract between spouses will help to sort out, or you didn’t know what you didn’t know when you got married without a prenup and want to get things sorted out now that you’re older and wiser.  There are no limits to the reasons or benefits of a postmarital agreement (except the whole alimony thing & the fact they cannot be in contemplation of divorce).

Similar to a premarital agreement, a properly crafted postmarital agreement can save a huge amount of time, heartache, stress, money, and public embarrassment, if one ever has to utilize it.  & if not? It’s just a good insurance policy that you are fortunate you never had to use.

Whatever your reason for considering a postmarital agreement, contact Family Law Solutions and we’ll help you sort it out.  Or, better yet, if you aren’t married yet, read our article about premarital agreements & do that instead: