Going through divorce proceedings with help from a family law attorney in Las Vegas is a stressful period of time full of emotions. Once the divorce is finalized, and you are once again single, these emotions do not simply go away, in all cases. You could still carry resentment toward your ex-spouse, have anger issues toward them, be sad because your marriage failed, and have other worries and concerns.

Seeking post-divorce counseling can be beneficial and help you start planning for your new future as a single adult and single parent if you have children. Even if you are relieved and happy the divorce is finally over, it can still be in your best interests to seek therapy to ensure you are on the right track and your life is moving in the direction you desire.

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Some of the more common situations where post-divorce counseling can help, include:

    • You are hurt and feel sad because of the divorce. When you got married, divorce was probably the last thing on your mind. Now that your marriage is over, it is perfectly normal and acceptable to experience grief. Allow yourself the time to work through your grief and feelings left over from your marriage. Not dealing with them now could potentially cause them to reappear later in the future.
    • You want to rediscover the “old you.” Therapy can help you learn to reconnect with that person you used to be and the things you enjoyed doing. In addition, this rediscovery process will help you learn to like yourself again, and help build your confidence and self-esteem.
    • Learn new things about yourself. During the course of your marriage, there could have been times when you wanted to try something new but your spouse did not, so you stopped pursuing these interests. Now that you are single, you are free to experience new things and make constructive and healthy changes to your life.
    • You notice your children are having problems coping with the divorce. If you notice your children are having behavior problems, seem anxious, depressed, moody, or are placing blame on one or both of their parents for the divorce, these are good indications your children need counseling. Therapy can help children come to terms with their parents’ divorce and teach them constructive coping mechanisms, as well as how to adjust to the new family structure.


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    • Learning new responsibilities and not feeling afraid to be alone. It is not uncommon for each spouse to have had different responsibilities while they were married. Now that you are single, you are going to have to learn how to take on new responsibilities, while overcoming any fears you might have about being alone.


By working through your concerns, feelings, and emotions with a qualified therapist after a divorce, you will be setting yourself up for a successful future. If you have questions or concerns about getting a divorce, child support, child custody, and other family law matters, call McFarling Law Group at 702 766 6671, now, to arrange a consultation appointment with one of our Las Vegas family lawyers.