August is Make-A-Will Month. Is your response to that “Meh”? After all, you might not have a big estate. You might not even know what having an estate means. Maybe when you think of wills, you think of fancy, rich people like in “Succession,” but you don’t have anything in Switzerland or a company or a Rolex. 

How much you have doesn’t matter. Having a will lets your loved ones and everyone else know what your wishes are for your estate after your death. You might not have a large estate, but you should be the person who says how it is divided. After all, if you don’t have a will, your property will pass according to your state’s intestacy statute. Do you want the state to say how your property should be divided? 

Moreover, having a will provides you with the ability to say how you want your remains to be handled after your death. Do you want to be buried back home or where you live now? Do you want to be cremated instead, and, if so, who will get the ashes? Do you want to leave it to your family to decide or do you want to decide now? 

If you need a simple will, the attorneys at McFarling Law can help you put your mind at ease and draft a will for you that makes sure your wishes are followed after your death.