Las Vegas is well-known for its volume of wedding chapels and diversity for offering couples a fast way to get married. Wedding types and themes vary greatly from venue to venue, accommodating those who want a fun and unusual Las Vegas to remember, as well as those looking for a more traditional elegant setting. Regardless of how much happiness there is at the start of a marriage, there is always the chance that it will end in divorce. A Las Vegas divorce is often the same for anyone who has decided to bring their marriage to an end. They often feel vulnerable and alone. When one of your friends is going through a divorce, you probably want to offer companionship and support to help make it less painful. The problem is that you may not know how to go about it, and your friend may not know what to ask for.

Let Them Know You Are There for Them

A divorce usually impacts every aspect of the person’s life. One of the most important things you can do for your friend is to let them know you support them. Listen to them and give them your understanding. Be present for court dates and other events where they will feel even more vulnerable if attended alone. A divorce is a period of grief that may last for a long time. The loss of a marriage is a significant one, and your friend needs to feel as though they can do and say what makes them feel better in your presence without being judged.

Things You Can Do to Ease the Pain

Check their fridge and make sure there is always something to eat that won’t take a lot of preparation. Be prepared to fix some meals that they can freeze, and order in with them whenever you can. Meal preparation can be a monumental task at this time. Ask if they need any of their ex’s belongings boxed up, or if they want pictures or other reminders of their lives together removed and packed away. Also, help them with tasks such as paying bills or scheduling appointments, and reminding them to keep them.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t make comments like “I never liked him/her anyway.” This can only add to the guilt and sadness they are experiencing.
  • Don’t give opinions on where it all went wrong. Let your friend talk and listen without taking sides.
  • Don’t give a vague offer of help, and then expect them to take you up on it. If you say “Let me know if there is anything I can do,” you can bet they will never take you up on your offer. On the flip side, don’t be too overbearing. Let them know you want to be there for them, but if they ask you for some time alone, give it to them.
  • Don’t try to push them into a new romance to take away the pain of the past one. Let them decide when they are ready.
  • Be cautious about lending them money, especially if you can’t afford to lose it. If you can, make a gift of it to prevent putting a strain on your friendship when the grieving process ends and you still don’t have your money paid back.

A good friend is one of the most valuable resources a person can have at a time when their social life seems to be limited to appointments with their Las Vegas divorce attorney. There are two things a person needs when they are going through a divorce: a good Las Vegas divorce attorney, and a good, nonjudgmental friend. For an experienced divorce attorney you can count on, call 702 766 6671.