Like it or not, appearances can affect the way others feel about us. Many individuals make snap judgments without taking the time to know who we are on the inside. This is especially true in the courtroom, even for parents going through the process of annulment. Spouses who would like to win child custody should always dress appropriately in the courtroom to ensure they make a good first impression on the judge.

Clothing Tips for Males

Men can’t go wrong with a conservative two-piece suit in solid black, gray, or navy. Beyond clothing, here are a few additional tips for men to look their best the day of trial:

  • Ensure Sizing: If you haven’t worn your suit in a while, make sure it still fits. Stay away from clothing that is baggy and oversized, as well as too-tight garments – both are frowned upon.
  • Look Put Together: In the courtroom, your hair should be neat and groomed, including any facial hair.
  • Skip the Hat: In America, wearing a hat indoors is a sign of disrespect. Even during frigid winter temperatures, it is best to just go without.


Outfit Suggestions for Women

The rules are a bit more open-ended for females, due to significant variety in the women’s clothing industry. A general rule of thumb is to pass on wearing an item to the courtroom if it is something you might also wear to a bar or nightclub. For example, stay away from tight tops that reveal bra straps or cleavage, and make sure your shirt doesn’t have any distracting patterns or designs. It is best to stick to conservative button-down blouses in muted colors like navy, black, brown, or white.

For your bottom half, wear relaxed-fit slacks in a matching color, like a pair of simple black trousers to go with a blue button-down shirt. Your pants should fit properly, with hemlines that just touch the ground. Slacks should never be visibly form fitting, either: remember, leggings are NOT pants.

Similar rules apply to skirts. A khaki pencil skirt that hits just above the shin is perfectly professional. Meanwhile, shorter lengths are not, especially if they have leg slits or tacky embellishments.

Once you’ve selected the perfect put together look, complete the ensemble with a pair of practical shoes. Heels are fine so long as they are not showy or too high to walk in. Your best bet is a pair of patent leather pumps in a neutral color like black or beige. Stay away from sandals, as well, particularly flip flops, Birkenstocks, or jelly shoes. 

Clothing Don’ts

Major no-nos in the courtroom include informal or revealing clothing, such as:

  • Shorts. They are never appropriate for court, no matter how long or formal.
  • Mini skirts, or any skirts with hemlines that rise above the knee.
  • Casual sneakers.
  • Sleeveless shirts: inappropriate on both women and men.


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