The divorce process is different for every couple. For some couples, separating and moving on is a relatively simple process through which both parties remain communicative and cooperative. Others, on the other hand, are not so lucky. Many of our Las Vegas divorce lawyer clients end up having trouble dealing with their exes, both before and after the divorce proceedings are finished. Whether the ex is being spiteful, overly emotional, or simply can’t move on, learning how to deal with a difficult former partner is an unfortunate phase in the process of moving on for many people.

Tips for Dealing With a Difficult Ex

  • Try not to reward their behavior – When exes start acting out, it is usually because they want something from their former partner. Sometimes it’s attention they want, other times it’s just to get on their exes’ nerves. There are many possible reasons why an ex might be acting difficult, but, whatever the reason, it is important not to reward their behavior by giving them the result they are looking for. If an ex is bombarding you with calls and emails, stop responding to them unless it’s absolutely necessary (if you have to, block them). Make it clear to your ex that how they are behaving is unacceptable, and then stop giving them what they want.
  • Document their behavior – If one of the parties in a divorce proceeding is behaving inappropriately, it is definitely in the other party’s favor to document how they are behaving. Even if the judgement of divorce has already been finalized or is entering its final stages, it is important to have a record of inappropriate behavior in case you need to prove it. When people act out, they will often deny it when confronted. Having a record allows you to prove their misbehavior if the need arises.
  • Retain a lawyer – While some difficult exes’ bad behavior is merely a nuisance, others can become dangerous, or even abusive. Retaining a lawyer can help you take action against an ex’s dangerous behavior faster, as well as give you access to impartial legal advice on when an ex’s behavior has gone too far.
  • Examine your own behavior – One of the most important – and difficult – parts of dealing with an ex is determining whether or not your own behavior is causing some of the conflict. Most difficult exes don’t believe that they are being the difficult one; from their perspective, they probably believe themselves to be reasonable. And, in many cases, it’s not just one ex that is being difficult to the other. By honestly examining your own behavior and determining if your actions are in any way provoking the conflict, you will be able to alter any harmful or unhelpful behavior that is contributing to the difficult situation.
  • Try to move on – A difficult ex is never easy to deal with, and it is natural to dwell on their behavior and how they are treating you. While harmful behavior shouldn’t be entirely ignored, it is also important not to obsess over your relationship with your former partner. Instead of letting them control your life, find time to go out with friends, meet new people, and engage in activities you enjoy. You may not be able to control your ex’s behavior, but you can control how much it affects you.

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