By the time many people reach the decision to adopt a child, they have already experienced a great deal of frustration and heartbreak from trying unsuccessfully to have children of their own. When they begin the process of finding a child to adopt and making them legally theirs, they find that the process is a very complex one that can often be filled with many surprises. It is difficult to understand the many laws that apply to adoption, and the steps you must take to follow the law throughout the process. As soon as you make the decision to adopt, you should hire a family law attorney in Las Vegas who is familiar with the process to guide you every step of the way.

Making It Permanent

Adopting a child should be considered a permanent act that cannot be reversed. Unlike buying a new pair of shoes, you cannot adopt a child and then return them when things do not go the way you want them to. Without a qualified family lawyer who has an in-depth understanding of the adoption laws in Nevada, there may be problems that cause your adoption not to go smoothly throughout the process, or which cause problems once the process should be complete. There are differences in how adoptions are handled when the child is a blood-relative, in comparison to children who are not related to you. If the biological parent has not surrendered custody, their parental rights must be terminated before you are able to adopt the child.

An Ounce of Prevention

Learning all about adoption in your state is a good way to prepare for your adoption. Learning all of the related laws is next to impossible. However, understanding the purpose behind some of the actions that will take place will help you prepare so you can make a better impression on the agencies involved. Some of the events you can expect to take place include:

  • Home study of you and your home
  • Requesting documents, such as birth certificates, child abuse clearances, and other pertinent documents
  • Multiple meetings with a social worker
  • Meetings between you and a social worker

The social worker will come from the agency that you choose to work with for the adoption process. A lawyer with a history of handling similar cases while practicing family law in Las Vegas will advise you on how to handle every request that comes your way. They can also answer any of the many questions you are certain to have, including how the birth certificate information is handled and whether you are at risk of losing your child once the adoption is complete. No one wants to take the risk of something going wrong with their adoption and losing a child. To learn more about the steps you need to take when you make the decision to adopt, call McFarling Law Group at 702 766 6671.