Divorce is all too common in the U.S., as nearly half of all marriages fail. While it’s unfortunate that so many marriages end, having the option to leave an abusive or unsatisfactory marriage without the social stigma previous generations of divorcing couples faced is a boon to many spouses. Couples can reduce their likelihood of divorce by understanding its causes and taking steps to maintain a healthy relationship.

Some of the most common causes of divorce are infidelity, fights about money, disagreements concerning parenting, and intimacy issues. Couples that marry later in life have a better chance of staying married than couples that marry young, and couples that live together before marriage have a greater chance of divorce than those who do not. By realizing the danger signs of divorce, and patterns of behavior that lead to the break-up of marriages, couples can enhance their chances of staying together.

For couples who are unable to work out their differences, the family court system offers a way to end these relationships and move on with their lives. The process may be painful, but it can help put a fair and equitable end to an unsustainable relationship.

why do people get divorced

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