When most people get married, they plan on staying married for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, that does not always occur, and some marriages end in divorce. The majority of marriages do not go from “happily ever after” to “get out of my life” overnight. Long before things get to that point there are several warning signs:

  1. Not caring about spending less time together. It is perfectly normal for couples to have different interests. When those interests take priority over spending time together, your marriage may be heading for divorce.
  2. A decrease or lack of sex. Sexual activity and intimacy are essential to a successful marriage. It is understandable when one partner does not necessarily want sex as often as the other, but when needs go ignored for an extended period of time, it leads to resentment, as well as the temptation to cheat.
  3. A general lack of feelings for the spouse. If one spouse shows no interest in the other’s feelings, it demonstrates the spouse’s priority is about what makes him or her feel happy, not their partner, and this spells disaster for a marriage.
  4. Using your spouse as your punching bag. Unloading your frustrations constantly on your spouse can change their perceptions about you over time. Eventually, they might feel like you are a constant complainer, and nothing is ever right in your life or marriage. It is okay to openly share and communicate with your spouse about problems and issues. However, consider venting to a close friend or relative first.
  5. Being constantly belittled or blamed. If your spouse makes snide comments about your appearance, cooking, or goals, or makes you feel like everything that goes wrong is your fault, chances are they have feelings of resentment. Rather than brush things aside and eventually get divorced, consider counseling to find out what is truly bothering your spouse.
  6. Never wanting to do anything together, or making excuses to not come home. If your spouse constantly goes out without you, comes home late, and never wants to spend time with you or the kids, it may indicate a major problem, like alcoholism, drug addiction, or an affair.
  7. Huge fights about minor things. Fighting about minor things could be your spouse’s way to tell you there is something bothering them. Getting to the root of the problem through open communication or assistance from a therapist could help avoid a divorce.
  8. A lack of communication and negotiation. Not discussing major decisions, making major decisions without consent of your spouse, or allowing no room for negotiation when in disagreement all spell disaster for a marriage. It is perfectly normal to disagree and have arguments, so long as they are resolved in a constructive manner.
  9. A change in temperament after getting married. Some spouses hide their true natures, like bad tempers. Later, after the newness of being married wears off, his or her attitude quickly changes and reveals a completely different person than the one you originally married.
  10. Undermining your parental authority. If your spouse constantly overrides punishments, curfews, and other parental authority, it typically means there are bigger issues beyond raising your kids.

Recognizing these warning signs early on could help avoid divorce, with professional help from a family therapist, for certain types of problems. If you find yourself in a situation where problems cannot be resolved, or the marriage is no longer salvageable, it is time to contact a divorce lawyer in Las Vegas to represent and protect your interests. Feel free to call McFarling Law Group today at 702-565-4335 to schedule a free consultation.