In situations where there is a breakdown in the relationship between parents, child abduction is becoming more prevalent. You might not have started divorce proceedings when the abduction occurs, so it is important to contact a divorce lawyer in Las Vegas immediately after notifying law enforcement agencies. Your divorce lawyer can file motions through family courts to establish your parental rights and responsibilities in regards to child custody in Las Vegas.

Prior to contacting a lawyer, you should call the police right away. The sooner the police are alerted to the abduction, the sooner they can circulate an Amber Alert. When contacting the police, you will want to provide specific details and items to help with the search for your child, and sometimes you’ll need to contact other agencies, as follows:

  1. Description of the vehicle and license plate number.
  2. Recent photographs of your child and the other parent.
  3. If you are currently separated, the last known address of the other parent.
  4. Employment information for the other parent.
  5. Cell phone number of the other parent.
  6. If you still have access to bank accounts and credit card accounts, check for recent activity and where it occurred.
  7. If you believe the other parent may try to leave the state, in addition to contacting the police, contact the local FBI field office.
  8. In cases where the child was taken out of the country and the other parent is refusing to return them home, contact the FBI field office and the United States Department of State’s Office of Children’s Issues.

Keep in mind, local and government agencies will do their best to help return your child. Depending upon where the child was taken, it takes time, but, while you wait, work with your lawyer and the courts.

Preventing Family Child Abduction

One of the more common reasons for family child abduction is one parent is getting back at the other while using the couple’s minor children. Bickering and fighting over visitation schedules, child support, and other issues could lead to family abduction. In addition, marital problems, separation, and divorce are stressful periods for both parents and children. The abducting parent assumes they are punishing the other parent, and may not even know they are breaking the law. If you notice tension between you and the other parent, and are worried they might attempt to abduct the children, contact a lawyer specializing in child custody in Las Vegas immediately.

Your attorney can work with the court system and the other parent to establish an acceptable visitation schedule, which you should respect. When the other parent is able to see his or her children on a regular basis, they are less likely to abduct them. You should try to remain social with the other parent, and you may want to attend family counseling and mediation together so you both can learn how to effectively communicate with each other about issues surrounding your children.

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