Minor Name Change

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McFarling Law Group represents parents who desire to change the name of a minor child.

A minor child’s name may be changed through a petition filed by one or both parents in the district court in the district where the child resides. The petition must contain the minor child’s current name, the new name, the reason for the name change, the consent of the child if over 14, the consent of the other parent if not a petitioner, the name and address of the other parent if not a petitioner, and whether the child has been convicted of a felony. If the petitioning parent cannot obtain the consent of the other parent, he/she must have a notice personally served on the other parent. If the other parent cannot be personally served, then notice may be published in a newspaper with a court order.

If you have a minor child whose name needs to be changed through a court order, McFarling Law Group can help ensure that everything is consistent with Nevada law.

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