The McFarling Law Group Provides a Dedicated Legal Service for Parties in a Las Vegas Divorce.
Nevada has a fairly high divorce rate, due to state laws that make it fairly easy to divorce for any grounds. The official letter of the law for a Nevada or Las Vegas divorce says that either party can file for divorce due to incompatibility. Incompatibility could stem from any number of causes, but Nevada law is very specific in that it does not require fault on the part of either party. Coupled with the speed at which someone can become a Nevada resident, it can make a Las Vegas divorce surprising for one party.

At The McFarling Law Group, we provide a knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated service for clients dealing with a Las Vegas Divorce. The McFarling Law Group has represented Las Vegas divorce clients in a range of situations. We can offer advice and counsel for both contested and uncontested divorce situations, and can help a Las Vegas divorce move along as smoothly as possible. With our extensive experience in family law, including family property and custody law, we are uniquely suited to keep a client apprised of all of their rights in a divorce situation.
In an uncontested divorce, that’s a divorce where both parties are in agreement on all terms, a competent Las Vegas divorce lawyer can help. Even an amicable divorce can benefit from a skilled Las Vegas divorce lawyer, who can draw up an agreement both parties find acceptable. An attorney can ensure the divorce agreement is fair and legally binding, as well as speeding up the overall proceedings. If an uncontested divorce takes a turn and the couple begins disputing property, custody, or other rights in the divorce; having a skilled attorney in your corner is even more important.
In a contested divorce, an experienced Las Vegas divorce attorney is essential. The McFarling Law Group works tirelessly to ensure clients rights are protected in a contested divorce. Contested divorce proceedings can be some of the most emotional, contentious and difficult legal matters a person can face. A skilled Las Vegas divorce lawyer can make the process easier and more bearable while advocating for your rights in meetings and in the court room.
A swift and amenable resolution of a divorce is almost always a good solution for families and a skilled Las Vegas Divorce lawyer can help provide a quick and equitable divorce agreement. At The McFarling Law Group, we do our utmost to protect families and individual clients’ rights in these difficult and contentious situations. If you are in a divorce, or considering a divorce, we can help you. Please visit or call The McFarling Law Group today (702) 565-4335 for a consultation with one of our skilled Las Vegas divorce lawyers.